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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Ozon and Yandex.Market store creation and maintenance
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Free creation and launch of a store, free support until 01/31/2022, then - 2-4% of the store turnover per month

Free creation and launch of a store, free support for 10 months after the first sale, then 2-4% of the store turnover per month

Work list at the stage of creating a store (Ozon, Yandex.Market):
  • loading product cards (up to 400 pcs);
  • setting up a personal account;
  • consultations on working with a personal account;
  • advice on the rules for preparing goods for shipment to the platform
Work list at the support stage (Ozon, Yandex.Market):
  • development and implementation of promotional events;
  • work with content (adding new product cards - up to 400 pcs, adjusting current product cards taking into account search engine optimization);
  • making changes to the settings of your personal account;
  • work with questions and feedback from end customers;
  • advice on optimizing work with the platform

Selling on ecommerce marketplaces - a trustworthy source of sales

The perfect technological platform for managing sales on marketplaces

We work at a level unattainable for rivals
Product Information Management
Creating text, photo and video content, import and content management
Merchant Management System
Implementation and management of sellers, logistics, other partners
Online Retail Monitoring System
System of monitoring and analytics of product cards, content, prices and promotions
Order tracking system, order status, analysis and communication with logistics
Order Management System
Marketplace Management Platform
  • Our Content Adapter feature helps create, import-export and compare large content amount on any russian and foreign marketplace;
  • Analysis and structuring content to maximize sales;
  • Optimization of descriptions and other content up to the marketplace requirements;
  • Storage and update of product content on unified personal page;
  • Maintenance and adding rich-content: complicated photography and 3D photography, video by appropriate bloggers, live streamings on marketplaces, on Youtube and Instagram.
  • Strategy maintenance for pricing management;
  • Implementation, management and pricing control for the full range of products and services;
  • The rival goods' pricing analysis;
  • Price formation based on the competitors' pricing;
  • Price management acoording to offers by brands and special offers of the marketplace.
Internal promotion
  • Our system of the marketplace search-engine management knows how to forge content for placing products in the top search positions;
  • Management of feedbacks and rate;
  • Traffic management through promo.
External promotion
  • We carry out a full cycle of work to attract and integrate bloggers into the sales process.
  • Development of a technological map for preparing goods for shipment;
  • Management of balances in remote warehouses.
Analytics and reports
  • Preparation of unique analytical reports that provide better understanding of the sales situation and increases the logistics of goods management efficiency.
Personal contact-centre
  • Handling chats and calls;
  • Customer consulting and support;
  • Redirection of calls to the supplier's specialists;
  • Dedicated Supplier Support Line.
Conducting live streams
  • Preparation of the selling script;
  • Choosing a presenter and attracting bloggers to the streams;
  • Live streams at the marketplace;
  • Restreams to suppler's social networks.
Product Information Management
Export, import, storage, enrichment and content management
  • Ability to upload a product catalog with content in one window mode;
  • The system transforms the information model for any marketplaces and makes it possible to work via API with platforms: AliExpress, Ozon, Yandex Market, Wildberries, SberMegaMarket, M-Video, including global ones - e-Bay, Amazon, Mercado Libra, etc .;
  • A separate important component of PIM is a system for creating turnkey text, photo and video content in the amount of tens of thousands of product cards per month. The XWAY team has unique expertise in this area.
Merchant Management System
System for launching and managing marketplaces.
  • Establishment and management of sellers, logistics, other partners;
  • Personal account of the marketplace.
Online Retail Monitoring
A system for monitoring and analyzing product cards, content, prices and promotions.
Regular collection of information about content by key values:
  • Price monitoring;
  • Monitoring of discounts and promotions;
  • Competitor monitoring;
  • Monitoring ratings, reviews and reputation;
  • Summary information on goods at all sites;
  • Uploading data to the retailer's personal account;
  • API for integration with CRM;
  • Customization of reports on demand.
Trading robots (soon!) — a system for automating pricing depending on competitors' prices, prices for goods in different marketplaces, prices for analogous goods. When working, the following are taken into account:
  • dynamics of price changes;
  • monitoring of promotions;
  • information on prices and discounts provided by competitors;
  • prices of analogue goods.
Order Management System
Order management system, order tracking, order status broadcasting, analysis and information..
  • The system shows the volumes of orders, the speed of their processing, in pieces, in total, for various marketplaces in dynamics;
  • Analytics are provided in the form of pivot tables - products by category, products by brand, orders by marketplace, etc.

A separate component of the system - Price-list management system

Allows to create and import trade offers from various sources.
  • Helps link offers with relevant products;
  • Broadcast trade offers to various marketplaces;
  • When generating an offer, the system takes into account data on warehouse balances, prices and promotions;
  • Lets customize the logic of offers - prices, promotions, discounts, etc.
How to receive service
5 simple steps (15 days) and your goods
are purchased at a marketplace!
Shop registration
2 days
Marketplace verification
3 days
Shop design creation
4 days
Shipping templates maintenance
2 days
Filling with goods
4 days
from 30 000 rubles
✓ Registration and filing an application for opening the store;
✓ Consultation on work with the personal account of the store;
✓ Store creation and design;
✓ Creation and loading product cards;
✓ Creation and loading Rich content into the product card;
✓ Creation of a delivery service template;
✓ Creating a product category in the store;
✓ Creating a tree of product categories in the store;
✓ Store launch on marketplaces.
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