Analyze the data

A business without analytics is like a seller without a product. Analytics on marketplaces helps to improve the efficiency of the work already done and to find new points of growth. It is relevant both for those who just want to enter marketplaces and for those who are already trading.

Marketplace sales analytics

is the answer to the questions:
  • Which product sells better?
  • Does the product have strong competitors?
  • What place does the product occupy in the search results?
  • How competently is the
    product content prepared?
  • How do I set the current price?

XWAY marketplace analytics service

Our experience and Big Data and Data Science technologies allow us to create detailed and visual reports and monitor key points on all marketplaces:

  • How much product is left in stock
  • Current profit and sales for all stores or marketplaces
  • Distribution of orders by geography and stock balances in warehouses
  • Up-to-date information on various product categories
  • What new products do competitors have
  • How effective are the launched promotions on the platform

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