How much does it cost?

If your products are not yet on a marketplace, store сreation will cost from 10,000 rubles
If you are interested in supporting and developing your business, the cost of the service will be from 2 to 5% of the GMV
The cost of fulfillment, analytics services, and cooperation with bloggers is calculated individually. To get your quote fill a request form on our website or call us at +7 800 301 92 63.

What if I don't have a store?

Our services include store creation. We will register you on the website, create a store, design a storefront and list goods, teach you to work in your account and with courier services

How will we interact?

Once the contract is signed, you will be assigned with an account manager, who will lead the project on the platforms. The account manager will inform you about the current state and results of the work, provide reports, answer all your questions and provide technical support.

Do you provide closing documents for legal entities? Is it possible to pay by bank transfer?

We sign a contract and provide a full package of documents. Our staff from the financial department issue an invoice, which you can pay by bank transfer.

I already have a store, but the listings do not go to the top. Can you help?

Each marketplace has its algorithms for bringing goods to the top of search results. Our marketers will advise you on how to optimize your listings, as well as develop a promotional strategy and help you access and set up internal marketplace tools - banners, deals, sales, search optimization, mailing lists, push notification