Order fulfillment for marketplaces

What is fulfillment?

fulfillment service is a complex of actions from the acceptance and sorting of goods at the warehouse to delivery.

XWAY fulfillment opportunities

  • We will develop a road map for preparing goods for shipment
  • We will accept your goods with a barcode and ensure reliable storage in the XWAY warehouse.
  • Assembling orders
  • Marking and packaging in accordance with the requirements of the marketplace, as well as printing all necessary documents.
  • Delivery of goods to the warehouse of the courier company
  • 2000 sq. m. of warehouse space
  • 45 employees who will promptly process and deliver the goods
  • Working with verified courier and postal services Russian Post, DPD, Cainiao, DostavkaGuru

We recommend ordering fulfillment for a seller who:

  • Can’t rent a warehouse
  • Does not want to hire additional staff and train them
  • Cannot cope with a large number of orders
  • Wants to improve the quality and speed of delivery

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